Is Colloidal Silver a Wonder Supplement?

If you’re looking for an all-round supplement that may provide antibiotic coverage action, kill fungal infections, work to heal and aid against viruses, low immunity, effects of burns, skin problems, intestinal issues and over 650 other diseases, look no further than Colloidal Silver.


Used for thousands of years, with no harmful side effects having ever been observed, silver was known to have many health benefits when consumed according to the recommended dosage. Some of the older generation may remember their grandmother putting a silver dollar into the milk to avoid spoilage in the summertime.


Kings, emperors, sultans, their families and members of the royal courts all ate from silver plates, drank from silver goblets and used silver utensils.  These people were observed to be rarely sick and have fewer infections.


Even now, many world leaders and their families use daily Colloidal Silver as they know it may help to support and protect their immune systems from contracting infectious diseases.


Since the advent of antibiotics and subsequent over-prescribing in many cases, Colloidal Silver has regained interest in the medical community.


Colloidal Silver may be used to kill all types of viruses, fungi and bad bacteria.  It is harmless to all parts of the body and is non-allergenic.  It can be used internally or externally on the skin, as a treatment for your pets, and is also an excellent water sanitiser.


With so many uses and benefits, it’s no wonder that Wonder Foods offer Colloidal Silver within their extensive product range.


Wonder Foods’ Colloidal Silver is one of the strongest concentrations of Colloidal Silver on the market at 55ppm.


Using a unique patented method that guarantees its stability and potency as a colloidal solution for the life of the product, Wonder Foods’ Colloidal Silver is made with food acids and not made electrically.


It is manufactured with pure, micro-fine silver in a base of de-ionised water and contains no stabilisers, proteins or other ingredients.


It is packed in glass and does not require refrigeration or shaking before use.


Ref:  Colloidal Silver Handbook (2015), Silver Education Coalition, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.



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