Beetroot Powder

Use this versatile powder to add a nutritional boost to smoothies, yoghurt, cereal or your next recipe

Nature Working Wonders

Pure Ingredients, Potent Products

Designed and developed by Australian Master Naturopath and Herbalist Glen Gillard, Wonderfoods utilises top-quality ingredients to bring you nature’s healing properties to your everyday life. At Wonderfoods, we haven’t forgotten our past, nor have we lost track of why Glen started the company in the first place. A simple desire to help people enhance their health. This has become the basis of everything we do and the very foundation of a growing legacy of trust for over 30 years.




Tangy Vitamin C Powder

This easy to take, tasty and tangy vitamin C drink powder helps support the immune system – just add it to a glass of water or your favourite beverage.


Mega 8 Superfoods

Turn your power switch on! 8 organic superfoods come together in this non-GMO, certified organic nutrient dense drink powder.

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