The Wonderfoods Way

Our Story

The story of Wonderfoods begins with a single product.

It all began in the early 1980s when Naturopath and Herbalist Glen Gillard was looking for a low allergenic milk substitute for his young son who had an intolerance to cow’s milk. Finding nothing on the shelves or in the market that satisfied him, he took it upon himself to develop, what came to be known as, Wonder Whey. More than 30 years later, Wonder Whey continues to be one of the best milk alternatives on the market.

With nearly 50 different products ranging from Tangy C (our Vitamin C Powder) to FigaFibre and our Everyday Wellbeing range, WonderFoods has established itself as Australia’s leading functional food brand. We are driven to develop and produce functional foods and supplements using only natural ingredients that contribute to better health. Our range is ALWAYS made from only the highest quality ingredients and is organic when possible.

Today, Glen – still maintains his influence and support in the business and provides innovated ideas to formulate complementary health products for the Australian and International community. His passion in the last decade has been to research and formulate functional foods and to educate the community of the importance of good health.

Here at WonderFoods we formulating and supplying a unique range of functional foods, health supplements and nutritional ingredients to Australia and beyond. Our products can be found in health food stores, independent grocers and pharmacies. Get in touch to learn more.