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We all know and are aware of the positive health benefits that exercise training can bring. There are several physiological and biochemical adaptations that occur with training, leading to many positive health outcomes. Some of the benefits include an increase in the synthesis of glycogen, greater uptake of glucose by the muscle, a reduction in insulin resistance, improved redox status (balance between oxidants and antioxidants in the body) and an improvement in the breakdown of fat.

Sports supplements are often used to improve or enhance athletic performance and to assist in muscle repair and recovery.

Wonderfoods Fitness range is a prominent, modern range of natural sports supplements. It contains clean, plant-based nutritional supplements and superfoods, with no added sugars, fillers, or artificial flavours. The range of sports nutrition supplements are predominately plant-based, gluten free and boosted with compounds such as digestive enzymes, functional herbs, pre and probiotics, vitamins & minerals, and natural fat metabolisers.

Wonderfoods Fitness range sources organic ingredients where possible and prides itself on being predominately plant based. 

Some of the key ingredients found in the Wonderfoods Fitness range include high quality organic vegan protein for superior muscle repair and regeneration. Protein is an important macronutrient for the muscles, however it also keeps us feeling fuller for longer and provides us with sustained energy. Consuming adequate protein is also imperative in sporting injuries as low protein will impede wound healing and increase inflammation.

Collagen is a structural protein found in cartilage and other kinds of connective tissue. It is commonly used in sports supplements to assist in exercise recovery and joint support.

It also contains relatively high quantities of arginine and glycine which are important in the synthesis of creatine in the body. Creatine has been shown to increase the synthesis of ATP (energy), therefore improving exercise performance.

L-carnitine is a non-protein amino acid that is naturally occurring in the body. Its main function is to enable the body to turn fat into energy and it has been shown that a deficiency can be associated with impaired exercise capacity.

Beetroot is a powerful performance enhancer as it is involved in the production of nitric oxide (NO). It contains high quantities of inorganic nitrate, this is converted to nitrite in the body and stored and circulated in the blood. When there is low oxygen availability, nitrite is converted to nitric oxide (NO). Nitrate can reduce the oxygen cost of exercise and potentially increase exercise tolerance and performance.

NO influences muscle function and exercise performance. It can modulate muscle function through its role in blood flow regulation, contractility, glucose and calcium homeostasis, and mitochondrial respiration and biogenesis. NO can also influence exercise performance through the regulation of blood flow and oxygen consumption.

Green coffee bean contains high quantities of chlorogenic acid, which have been shown to enhance energy metabolism and expenditure, improve glucose tolerance, decrease blood cholesterol levels and support healthy weight management without any cardiovascular effects.

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